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Joshua Books is a publisher located in Australia. Browse our products by author, genre (book, CD, eBook, sundry) or category (wealth creation, motivation and success, magical and mystical, health and wellbeing, children’s books or ancient wisdom) or use the search box in the top right corner. 




Our Newest Books

Sophie and Dion CoverSophie and Dion by Collins, Rachael - In the arms of a beautiful stranger, what Sophie assumes is just a one night stand, quickly becomes a head-spinning, all consuming love affair. Dion is everything she has ever dreamt of ... but he secretly hides a dark history. Sophie finds herself questioning whether all is as it seems.

Find My Soul book coverFind My Soul by Swallow, Dawn is a channelled story that unfolds through the unique verse of one woman’s personal journey. A journey that began with great adversity, followed by decades of despair, confusion and loneliness.

Jesus and the Tooth Fairy book cover Jesus and the Tooth Fairy by Blizard, Michael is written with authority and a wonderful sense of humour, the reader is entertained with varying subjects that are of interest to us all, as we seek to understand our past, present and future. This is an opportunity to seriously question traditionally held belief systems, while offering a refreshing and viable alternative.

The Adventures of Annie and Bindi book coverThe Adventures of Annie and Bindi by Tarbuck, Jeanette tells of two little dogs waiting to be rescued from an Animal Welfare Shelter. They eventually escape and just as they find a loving home, a man that resembles the very same man who took them to the Shelter, comes to visit their new home.

Soul Whisperers book cover Soul Whisperers by Mac, Moira - As science finds itself on the brink of uncovering the hidden world of our ancestors in the new field of epigenetics - a world that connects past and future generations in ways we never thought possible - Moira Mac confirms, through direct experience, how the effects of the environment and experiences of our ancestors is encoded in our DNA.

Our Must-have Books

Hhealthy_home_90ealthy Home Healthy Family by Nicole Bijlsma, a detailed guide book on all the everyday things that can affect your family's health, from cleaning products to power lines.

GBelieve in God without the religion - why the catholic church is wrongod Save Us From Religion by Ian Ross Vayro, proof of the tampering that altered the word of God and introduced the deceptions in the Christian worldview. No stone is left unturned in this vigilant search for the truth.

HWhat is really happening with my hormones?ormone Heresy: What Women Must Know About Their Hormones by Dr Sherrill Sellman challenges the foundational beliefs that have shaped women’s understanding and perception of their bodies and hormonal cycles.

Indigo Dreaming mHow to teach positivity to childreneditation guide, picture book, CD and affirmation cards for children to learn about positive words, positive thinking and dealing with emotions. Use these beautifully-illustrated cards to help your child(ren) with thier emotional, spiritual and literacy development.

CFree Australian share market advicereating Wealth Through Trading a must-have investing book on share marketing trading, with follow-up resources offered through the author's website. With a sound understanding of how, when and what to invest in, you can live the life of your choice. 

The Science of Getting Rich Wallace D Wattles buy book cheap free science of getting rich The Science of Getting Rich has been re-released with a bonus book included, also by Wallace D. Wattles, The Science of Being Well. A fantastic gift for all ages this book was the inspiration for books like The Secret.



About Our Great Australian Books Online

We stock a wide variety of books for adults and children that make a difference. If you are interested in health, mental wellbeing, spirituality, positive thinking, wealth-creation, new age beliefs, agnosticism, skepticism, secular humanism, psychic powers, palm-reading, numerology, science, history and/or alternatives to mainstream religion, you’re in the right place.


 Read not to contradict and confute;
nor to believe and take for granted;
nor to find talk and discourse; but to weigh and consider."

Francis Bacon (1561–1626)


John Bannister is on FacebookWelcome you to our website where we showcase our company, our products and where you can buy books online.

Joshua Books is a dedicated book publishing group with a great team of editors, formatters and very talented designers, backed up by our administration and distribution personnel and under the guidance of myself. We all work together to ensure that every book or product produced through our resources is of the highest standard. Australia's beautiful Sunshine Coast is an inspiring picturesque location for the production of our high quality aestheticly pleasing books and CDs.

We are not afraid of controversy and the authors we publish and represent are leaders in their respective fields of literature. Ian Ross Vayro and Tony Bushby  are excellent examples. In our Non-Fiction Books group, our Ancient Wisdom titles are “must read books” and the categories of Health & Wellbeing, Motivation & Success and Wealth Creation have much to offer. We are gaining a reputation in many genres now including Children’s Books, Fiction Books and Spirituality Books (Magical & Mystical) as well.

Recently, we established a new category of eBooks which we plan to increase in the future.

We would like to bring to your attention a couple of our authors who have produced world-standard books: Amy Hamilton who has produced the Indigo Dreaming series of books for children and Donna Fisher who has written Dirty Electricity on a subject we all need to know about. These are just two of our excellent range of authors who have aligned themselves with Joshua Books.

JoshuaBooks.com is our shop-front to the world, our online book store where you can see what we do and what products we have available. With exclusive reductions, of up to 70% at times, because you are buying direct from the publisher, you can select from our range of books, eBooksDVDs and CDs that are at the very best prices through our simple, safe and secure ordering system.

More and more people are logging on to JoshuaBooks.com, stepping inside our online book shop to browse our product range and subscribe to receive our widely acclaimed complimentary ezine or newsletter called Joshua’s Journal which is crammed with interesting, challenging and inspiring articles carefully selected by our editors for their quality and value. The special offers and informative items in our newsletter are exclusively presented for our friends.

We always invite your feedback as your input is important to us.

Happy reading,


We here at Joshua Books -  invite you to post a review on any of our products. If you have purchased a book or DVD or CD from us, then just login as a member on the left hand side of the page and then go to the product page you wish to comment on. At the bottom of the product page, you can give the product a Star Rating and input your thoughts. Perhaps you would like to comment on the quality of the product, its content, the author's style: anything you feel would be a benefit, either good or bad.


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Joytime Yoga Adventures - Farmyard Adventure
Joytime Yoga Adventures - Farmyard Adventure
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The Bible Fraud (Hard Cover)
The Bible Fraud (Hard Cover)

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