Graphic Design

Graphic Design is an extremely integral part of the publishing process. Not only is it what initially grabs the reader’s attention, it can also be used to maintain their interest throughout the readers journey, and ultimately come back again, or recommend it to others.

The formatting process is a make or break when it comes to publishing a high quality product. That’s why here at JB we have a team of Graphic Designers that are top notch in their fields. JB is constantly obtaining positive feedback not only from our clientele, but also from their readers contacting us saying our products are made well, off their own backs!

A good book sells! A great books sells a lot! If you want a great book, ask our team how we can assist you in making that happen!

Our team will work with you to ensure that the product is authentic to you but also aligned to the correct specs, dimensions, etc.

Please see below some of our previous covers.

Image for The Affirmation Garden (CD) Image for Small Souls - Meditations for Children Image for Joytime Yoga Adventures - Farmyard Adventure Image for Hi

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