Have you ever used, photoshop, indesign, or any of the other platform to format your book? Do you know the correct specs, sizes, fonts to embed and everything else that goes it? So many of our clients have stated to us that if they tried to learn, by the time they did they would look like the top picture!! So we listened and have tailored packages to suit all your needs!!



Why don’t you let JB take care of this process for you. Formatting is not only a crucial part in making your book stand out form others, a well formatted book is easy to read and flows beautifully. It can instantly attract a child to a book if it is set up in an appealing and achievable way, or an adult become completely immersed in your book and not want to put it down!!

Here at JB we care about your books/products just as much as you do!! We want to ensure that we deliver you a book/product that you are proud of and will attract on the shelf!! JB has an experienced team that has formatted thousands of books to suit the needs of our clients and distributors if you want a quality formatted book Contact Us now and our team will set up a meeting time to discuss your needs, or if you are interstate or international we can organise a phone time or email, so do yourself a favour and find out what we can do for you!!

Love JB xx