CD Production

How far we have come!! Here at JB we still love us some vinyl!!

However, we are a company that stays with the times and appreciates the old!!

JB also produces high quality CD’s and NOW MP4’s. We love what music, meditations, healings and so much more can bring to our world. If you have music inside you and want it out there, give us a call!

We believe in the production of a high quality product so we ensure that all CD’s are cell wrapped and we use only high quality card for the CD inserts. We can produce CD’s of any genre or requirement. Below are some examples of CD’s produced in the past.

Image for CD Angels and Guides Image for CD Angel Effects Image for CD Angelic Healing Image for CD Dreams Do Come True


Contact Us for further information, or for a personalised quote to have the world’s ears tantalised by your voice or tunes.