Within the Greatest Good

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In this foray into fiction, the author gives us a spell binding trip through the formation of the Christian Church and the suppression of Judaism. 

A grippling murder mystery where and ancient enemy rises up to strike at the Vatican and threatens to shock it to its core. 

Events from the time of Jesus are catapulted into the modern age as a conspiracy is uncovered. 

This revelation has the capacity to totally destroy the Church and rock the entire civilised world.

The perpetrators leave clues form Nostradamus, Kabbalah, early scriptures and ancient history. 

The work is accompanied by references and illustrations that confirm the source of the material disclosed. As you read this amazing plot you will be convinced of the legitimacy of a story that could really be happening right now!

Author: Ian Ross Vayro

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Size: 233 x 153

P.P: 334

ISBN: 9780987184801

Pub: 2011

Within the Greatest Good