The Joy and Power of Your Eternal Self - 2nd Edition

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Who am I and why am I here?

We need to upgrade the way we see ourselves and the world.

This is a revolutionary way to see your conscious Self in its many levels. It describes that aspect of your body which is present from before birth, the source of your life force and your intuition, the energy of your Higher Consciousness and Eternal Self, that you unconsciously utilise throughout your life, as much a part of you as any of your anatomy; yet it is not born and does not die. This doesn't show in dissection of your body as it is Energy. We explain how this energy is part of the energy controlling your destiny and can be used to help you and your success.

It is a new and different way of looking at the world with you being in it. Once you have understood that you are really a Spirit in a human body for a lifetime of experience here on earth, you understand that the changing body you see through life is only one part of you. You are able to see beyond the limited, seeing your unlimited self, your Eternal Self within; one aspect of the energies of All That Is, God, the Eternal Source of Love, Truth, and Destiny. Then see the life here on this unique planet as an exciting journey of decisions and choices; beyond returning to the real world of spirit. Your spirit or soul is loved and cannot be damaged; it is only your human body which dies. We are here to gain experience from the human adventure, the joys, sorrows, and disasters.

Learn about your inner connections: Keep your faith but learn to see things in a new way; you are never alone, and inspiration, guidance and hope are never far away. We are all one in spirit. You are able to connect into your Eternal Self energy and abolish fear and worry, and to utilise the subconscious aspects of your mind to transform your life. You have the Eternal Spirit of Got within, know that, and remember the love, peace and happiness of your soul. That which you seek you already are, for God is all things, and you are that.

Author: Dr Anthony Emmett

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ISBN: 9780994162786

Pub: 2016

The Joy and Power of Your Eternal Self - 2nd Edition