The Blue Bowl

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Coming soon! ETA end of October. Pre-order NOW! Have it sent straight to you. Written by Marcia McPherson.

Death, possum invasion, gangsters and murder are not news items you expect to see in connection with a church opportunity shop. It is certainly not what Susan Sutherland expected when she became voluntary manager of The Blue Bowl Opportunity Shop in Piegum, near Gympie.

Living and working in this town has been a way for Susan to escape the painful memory of her husband’s death in Sydney, but she discovers her sense of safety in the town has been illusory. Gossip plays a part in making her feel isolated, but worse is to come when a local man sells information about her whereabouts to criminals, this puts her in physical danger.

Throughout this time, Susan wrestles with the problem of whether she can still believe in God, prompted by the imaginary voice of her Aunt Mildred.

McPherson portrays the towns, residents and beautiful countryside of this area of Queensland with a loving eye and distinctive voice, laced with humour. She does not shy away from disturbing questions and emotions, nor does she allow stereotypes to go unquestioned.

The Blue Bowl