Sparky and Shady - for Kids

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Sparky and Shady are imaginary parts go you that help you understand yourself. You can hear them in your thoughts and file them in your heart too! Sparky is the part of you who loves you no matter what you think, say or do; who believes in you and who is always there to help you. Shady is the part of you that is scared. Shady is scared if you are not safe, not important, not lo ed, and not here to make a difference. 

When young children learn to love Shady and trust Sparky they are empowered to love incredible lives! 

Author: Kathy Sheehan

Price: $21.95

Size: 216 x 216

P.P: 62

ISBN: 9780994177339

Pub: 2016

Sparky and Shady - for Kids