Sparky and Shady - for Big Kids

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Your beautiful children are here to make a difference that's good for them other people and the earth too. But first they must survive childhood - and the worrying, bullying, friendship dramas, emotional outburst and more,

By understanding their loving side (Sparky), their scared side (Shady), and how their body, personality, thoughts and feelings all work together, children will be empowered to cope with problems, believe in themselves and follow their dreams. That's ultimately how they'll make their difference. 

Imagine how amazing our world will be when millions of kids are happy, confident and sharing their unique gifts with everyone. 

Author: Kathy Sheehan

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Size: 216 x 216

P.P: 80

ISBN: 9780994177308

Pub: 2015

Sparky and Shady - for Big Kids