Plastic Surgeon To Sculptor

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This is an ideas book, a book of techniques, surgical techniques, sculptural techniques, mental techniques, and retirement techniques. In it you will find many facets of interest.

Surgical Techniques: Describe the reshaping of people by plastic surgery and understanding the effects of that. As we reshape the human body we also look at the motivating philosophy and psychology. This leads on to an appreciation of the subconscious-mind which is influencing our life in this conscious world.

Sculptural Techniques: Many are described using a diversity of materials. Retiring from a life of surgical exactness he retrained to the creative art world, while exploring the nature of the world within each of us. Sculpture recording human shapes in other materials finds exciting possibilities. There is an artist in each of us, which we all express differently. There are no limits, for your works of art take on their own life and you are the creator. When as an artist you give yourself to the work and are focused on it, absorbed in it, you bring your unconscious mind into your working levels of being as a form of inspiration. This is the joy of the creative moment.

Mental Techniques: Exploring levels of consciousness. Human society struggles to understand itself. We each have the ability to invoke the inspired depths of our unconscious mind in whatever work we are focused on, as we give ourselves to it, and it broadens our scope in mysterious ways. Through this process we join into the universal consciousness, the formative genius of the universe, with an indescribable ' wonder of being' in the moment. Exploring our reality through the unconscious-mind is a daily event. The wonderful world of creation is there for you.

Technique of Retirement: A continuing avenue of life exploration matching your physical resources to ongoing interest. This can be whatever you want. Art itself is an external sign of an internal search, it is not about genius, but is about your exploration within; which for each of us is a discovery trail leading as far as you wish to go. 

Author: Dr Anthony Emmett

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ISBN: 9780648057734

Pub: 2018

Plastic Surgeon To Sculptor