Autobiography of a Plastic Surgeon: Artist and Philosopher

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The author entered the exciting world of medicine and surgery through the family into which he was born. His childhood career began as the family ‘repair man’, which fuelled his interest in the repair of all things. He learned to look within for the knowledge he needed.

He began reading his father’s obstetric and surgical books from the age of 7, and by 9 years of age had decided on a surgical career.
After a 40 year career in medicine and reconstructive surgery, reshaping and repairing the body, he became interested in art, and in awakening. His later career as sculptor and artist was accompanied by an increasing interest in philosophy and writing.

Reconstructive plastic surgery has an interesting history of almost 200 years in modern times, and dates back much earlier again.
Our understanding of the energies of repair, and the possibility for healings, continues to develop.
Our life is based on the living cell, which keeps growing and reproducing, as we continue changing throughout our lives. Our spirit leads us on through the learning of this life; and the opportunities to understand and reconstruct the human outlook.

This is the story of a surgical life, using reconstructive surgery to help the lives of many; following on to study the way our deeper layers of consciousness can help us understand the Immortal Self we each have within. We are an eternal spirit, with a body, engaged in a lifetime journey of learning. Beyond our daily conscious levels we have access to universal understanding and peace.

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Autobiography of a Plastic Surgeon: Artist and Philosopher