Soul Safari

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A simple and practical book that will help us to a better and richer life through meditation and creative visualisation.

In Soul Safari, the second book by Roxanne Paynter, we are presented with a series of meditations that will bring joy and peace to our lives from birth right through to the Golden Years.

“Safari” is a Swahili word which means journey. This word aptly describes our life, not as a destination, but as an on going process to discovering our soul purpose and a meaning for this lifetime. During our busy days, we can often forget to share our love and to find the time to seek the source of our own happiness and growth. Through contemplation and meditation, we make contact with that place where all outcomes are crested and revealed. Through focus on empowering words, we can build the skills to handle the challenges that arise through our lives. Just as importantly, we can become aware of the guidance and opportunities presented to us.

Author: Roxanne Paynter

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Size: 198 x 128

P.P: 94

ISBN: 0975159437

Pub: 2004

Soul Safari