Indigo Dreaming - A Magical Bedtime Story

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Follow the adventures of Indigo, The Rainbow Pixie, as he settles down for a good night's sleep on an enchanted flower.

This magical bedtime tale will be enjoyed by children of all ages and prepares them for peaceful nights sleep with a relaxing routine.

Indigo teaches children to clam their mind and body through muscular relaxation, visualisation, breathing techniques, body awareness and affirmations. 

It is a fun way to teach children how to relax and to manage stress. Relax, take a deep breath and enter the world of Indigo Dreaming... 

Author: Amy Hamilton

Price: $16.95

Size: 210 x 220

P.P: 32

ISBN: 9780980361780

Pub: 2016

Indigo Dreaming - A Magical Bedtime Story