A Time in The Life of a Hair

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Cathy Bauman has been a member of various committees for the rural sector of Queensland, Australia. Her involvement with the introduction of professional teachers to isolated schools, has been extremely rewarding. Cathy is passionate about reading, writing and the education of our children.

“A Time in The Life of” series of books comprises of four titles - A Time in The Life of a Leaf, A Time in The Life of a Drip, A Time in The Life of a Hair, and A Time in The Life of an Egg.

The series has been designed for childhood education. Each title has its own unique character. The stories are interesting, factual, and fun to read.

Children will enjoy the bright and colourful illustrations while they learn all about the world around them!

Author: Cathy Bauman

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Size: 200 x 200

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ISBN: 9780987455666

Pub: 2013

A Time in The Life of a Hair