Christ On Trial

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An Investigation into the Authenticity of the Gospels 

This new volume of unique biblical revelations by Tony Bushby sizzles with sensational disclosure. This book takes the form of a Court Case in which the Prosecutor delivers a case that opposes the genuineness of the Gospel stories and the Papal Defence argues that Christian Scriptures are the unadulterated 'word of God' and therefore beyond dispute. A riveting courtroom debate ensues around the primary point that contests the Gospels of the New Testament do not relay real past events and are misunderstood if taken as the products of historical thinking.

Christ on Trial presents a healthy and inclusive debate of significance to anyone with the remotest interest in Christian origins and brings forth radical new information about the origin of the Gospels previously unpublished.

Author: Tony Bushby

Price: $24.95

Size: 234 x 155

P.P: 373

ISBN: 9780987243508

Pub: 2012

Christ On Trial