They Lied to us in Sunday School

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Uncovering the lies, fraud and divine claims of organised religion.

The churches have never really answered the big question of their genesis and faith. Despite a myriad of new cults and religions, the complete understanding of our Godhead has advanced little in the past 200 years.

Almost without exception these ever increasing groups ask us to accept their teachings. "Have faith" we are told. But faith in what? They lied to us in Sunday School takes us on a whirlwind ride through ancient biblical texts and leads one to question all that was taught, and that which is still being taught, from the pulpits of churches everyday.

Recent fiction and non-fiction novels have added to the debate but no book does so in the way that Ian Vayro's book does. Often humorous and extremely well written and researched, it is very difficult to question the conclusions reached.

Author: Ian Ross Vayro

Price: $29.95

Size: 233 x 153

P.P: 428

ISBN: 0975687867

Pub: 2006

They Lied to us in Sunday School