The Secret In The Bible

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The Secret in the Bible, the second book by Australian author Tony Bushby, reveals new knowledge about the ancient secrets of Egypt and the Bible and the significance of these secrets cannot be taken lightly. The author backs up this knowledge with an extensive bibliography

The culmination of 15 years of full-time research by Tony Bushby has produced another amazing book.

The lost history of the Giza Plateau. What is hidden in the Tarot of the Gypsies? Who were the ancient and revered Gods in Egypt? What is the significance of the numbers 22 and 33? What is revealed in the mystery of the great pyramid? What ancient story is told in the Torah through a series of symbols? Which secret societies exist today and still practice the ancient rituals? How temple priests of the Great Pyramid preserved the evidence of life after death. Do these societies really understand the significance and meaning of these processes? Never before published plans of the Sphinx’s secret underground chambers and passageways.

These questions and many more are answered in this meticulously researched book with all information thoroughly backed up by the author.

Author: Tony Bushby

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Pub: 2005

The Secret In The Bible