The Christ Scandal

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This fact-filled book challenges centuries of Church portrayals and is conceptually, unparalleled in the history of book publishing. With hundreds of Entries in A-Z format, it can be read from beginning to end like any book, or opened at random by a browser to read just one or two Entries. Each topic is a short story in itself, some being just one or two lines in length, others extending into many pages. Each subject is given a descriptive title or definition, sometimes in itself revealing a particular knowledge. Some Entries were particularly difficult to condense, none more so than the Bible Banned for 1230 years. The chief problem in this story was what to include or exclude from the vast array of material available, on its own being more than enough to write an entire book.

The Christ Scandal is original, uncensored, interesting, and easy to read. In one concise tome it brings together new and primary information that opposes everything the Church says about its origins, and reveals why vital knowledge about Jesus Christ, the clergy, and the Bible was suppressed. It also reveals that the priesthood wrote its own references, and also, answers two important questions: ‘What was the Church trying to hide by rewriting historical records’ (See Entry, Editing historic records); and, what is meant to be understood by the confession of the ‘invention of the cross’ in the Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church (See Entry, Cross of Christ invented)

Author: Tony Bushby

Price: $29.95

Size: 235 x 153

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ISBN: 9780473134259

Pub: 2008

The Christ Scandal