You might have an amazing idea but just don't know where to start?

Have you ever wanted to write a book?

Maybe, you just sit there and stare at a blank page? Don’t worry we have been there too!

Try these tips you never know they might just surprise you 🙂


1. Do not try to write when you are not in a comfortable environment.

Yes, easier said than done. Yes, it seems like an obvious one. But do you know how many of us don’t! Do yourself a favour and GO to your happy place, the beach, your favourite chair, favourite part of the room, the park. Wherever it is, find it! Take away those hinderances! Or even write about them! Get them off your back so you can write freely.

2. You would be surprised what can block us, and it is not always a lack of imagination!

Have you ever been inspired by new writing pens, stationery, note pads? If that is you, go and buy it! Treat yourself and you will be surprised with the outcome. Trust us it is worth the investment! If that is not you put your favourite things around you to create familiarity and a sense of peace and calm.

3. Try this! What did you want to do as a kid, but grew up and never did?

  • What did you want to become? What did you want to try? What did you want to do? What did you dream about, or still do?
  • Write it down! Feel it, see it, touch it, smell it… Remember show don’t tell. Whatever the genre, dream, goal it doesn’t matter what style you normally write in it is to get the creative juices flowing again!

To see how JB can assist you in achieving your writing goals contact us now!

Happy writing

Love JB xx

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