The Art of Self-publishing

Are you a first time self-publisher?

It can be an extremely overwhelming concept. When we think self-publishing, we automatically think wait... Stop... Chuck that idea into the too hard basket! Or, you might be thinking yeah baby, you put on your research shoes and begin running, only to hit a massive hill of information overload!

We hear ya. We can’t tell you how many times we have heard people contact us and say, “please help! I have no idea what I am doing...” We have honestly lost count.

This is where JB has devised a simple infographic to put you at ease. Self-publishing can really be that simple!

Follow our step by step guide to assist you in achieving your dreams of your written word out there in the world!

And, if you still want to go it alone make sure you keep these 5 things in mind!

  • Be careful not to get caught up in editing at the start of your project. So many times new author's want to have it perfect before checking out what is available and miss great ideas. Our clients have learnt to flow with the project.
  • Before you agree to anything going to print ensure you have looked over and OVER your work!
  • Page and cover thickness is a thing! It can determine the whole look of your book!
  • In this case don’t fake it until you make it. Self-publishing can be such a costly process if you do not understand the technical aspects or jargon such as bleeds, prepress, PMS (yes it is a thing! It refers to colours) spot foiling etc. Do not be afraid to ask. It will save you money in the long run.

Have fun!

Love JB xx

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