How do you get your child to read?

Many questions that are constantly asked are... “how do you get your child to read?”... “do you have to do it young?”... “what’s the best books to read?”

Reading is a choice, not a chore! We think that the reading barriers need to be broken down. Instead of asking straight up. Let’s discuss firstly why it is important to read.

  1. Extension in use of vocabulary
  2. Extension in creativity
  3. Ability to extend their concentration levels
  4. Enhance focusing skills
  5. Advance comprehension
  6. Create critical thinkers young
  7. Promote problem solving, and thats just for starters!

How do we get our little JB community to read. By finding what interests them! It isn’t necessarily always about getting your child just to read novels and know a lot of words. To engage them, they need to be interested in the topic! Chat with your little one and find out what they really like. Always start small, if they struggle to focus, use a lot of visuals, use interactive books, the book doesn’t have to be finished in one go!

Yes, young is key! Put them in your car instead of toys. They will go to them if there is nothing else. Read at night, make it a game, use rewards, make the characters or draw them after a book is finished, keep it simple, go to your local library, or catch up with other mums or dads and swap books!

The best books for your child are what they want to read, or look at. Because it is getting them to at least go to or look at a book. As they advance they will naturally go to books that are more challenging or longer.

Click below to see more info on one of JB’s authors pushing boundaries in equality for children a great first read for your child!

Happy Reading All!

Love JB xx

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