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They Lied to us in Sunday School


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They Lied to us in Sunday School written by Ian Ross Vayro, an archaeologist and historian, challenges the reader to question the validity of biblical interpretation and adds factuality to the topical subject matter of books like “The Da Vinci Code”.

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ISBN: 0-9756878-6-7
Pages Size: 256 pp 210 x 135 mm
Publisher Joshua Books
Author Ian Ross Vayro
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The churches have never really answered the big question of their genesis and faith. Despite a myriad of new cults and religions, the complete understanding of our Godhead has advanced little in the past 200 years. Almost without exception these ever increasing groups ask us to accept their teachings. “Have faith” we are told. But faith in what?

They Lied to Us in Sunday School takes us on a whirlwind ride through ancient biblical texts and leads us to question all that was taught and that which is still being taught from the pulpits of churches everyday.

Recent fiction and non-fiction novels have added to the debate but no book does so in the way that Ian Vayro’s book does. Often humorous and extremely well written and researched, it is very difficult to question the conclusions reached.

A book that questions the validity of biblical interpretation and challenges the reader.

Written by an Archaeologist and Historian, They Lied to Us in Sunday School adds factuality to the topical subject matter of books like “The Da Vinci Code”.


Traditional beliefs are like sacred cows grazing in the northern paddock of ones mind. The time has come to open the gate….

This[The Lied to Us in Sunday School] is well researched information. You may well wonder why the defenders of the modern Christian religions have not asked these questions. Ian Ross Vayro confronts his readers with questions lagging the asking and provides answers for serious consideration.

During many years of my ministry I could not reconcile the tribal, jealous, angry, vengeful god of the Old Testament with the One who is unconditional love and who Jesus claimed to be his father. Until I realised that my faith was indeed blind I never began to question. So, one question leads to another and another. You will find many of the answers within these covers if you are prepared for confrontation. Anyone seeking truth must be personally responsible to begin the search.

If you are courageous enough to admit the questions and open enough to receive the answers, then read this book.

~ Jim Christian – former minister of charismatic full gospel church – Gold Coast, Australia

I just finished reading “They Lied to Us….” and was completely and utterly blown away with the book. Stupendous writing, excellent research, and in general, everything and more than I had hoped for!

~ J. N. – Kelowna, BC, Canada

Really in depth, He [Ian Vayro] has covered every square corner and a lot of unknown previous ground.

~ C. M., Prescott, Arizona, USA

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