The Papal Billions


“The Papal Billions” gives a candid account of centuries of priesthood schemes that turned St. Peter”s pence into St. Peter”s billions! This book reveals damning facts about the Vatican”s accumulation of wealth and it makes compelling reading!’,

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The Papal Billions is a candid account of centuries of priesthood schemes that turned St. Peter’s pence into St. Peter”s billions, and discloses matters of controversy that have the power to rock the Catholic Church at its very foundation.

The Papal Billions is a unique disclosure of the most formidable financial empire the world has ever seen. How did it all begin? The answer to that question is recorded in ancient Church records, and reveals that Christianity was founded purely on financial principles. Centuries of astonishing wealth accumulation by the Catholic Church commenced with Pope St. Peter, and his actions led to a series of spectacular papal forgeries that established the foundation for the Vatican”s vast riches today. Unravelling suppressed evidence establishes that the Holy Mother Church became an international colossus through money-making enterprises inconsistent with her public preaching. The military seizure of property owned by the British Church. Priestly embezzlement, swindles, extortion, and forged documents. Church-organised pilgrimages to fabricated sites. In our modern times, the Vatican expanded its profiteering schemes and subtly involved itself in activities such as: Investments in War Industries. Insider trading in gold bullion. Fraud and illicit transactions in the Vatican Bank. Counterfeit securities conspiracies in partnership with the Mafia. Secret Swiss bank accounts. Clandestine off-shore Company structures.

All this makes for interesting reading.

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