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The Bible Fraud


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Reveals to the world for the first time original new information.

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Why has the Church gone to such great lengths to deceive us? No matter what your beliefs are…. No matter what you have been told…. No matter where you live in the world…. No matter what you have been taught in school…. No matter what religion or political group you support… Are you prepared to question your core beliefs?Occasionally, a book comes along that should be read by everybody in the interest of understanding ourselves through an understanding of history. The Bible Fraud is one such book…


Dear Mr. Bushby

First of all, I am eighty years of age. I first started wondering about the truths of all the so-called religions when I was nine years of age. Finally, about one month ago I purchased your book The Bible Fraud. By the time I finished it, all my bells and lights were flashing and ringing. I had found what I had known was out there and had been looking for all of my life. So then I purchased The Secret in the Bible. I am almost through the first reading. You absolutely terrify me with your brilliance of mind, perception, and wisdom. I cannot wait longer to tell you how deeply grateful I am to you for the knowledge you are imparting to us. At my age, I need to take the time to tell you now. I thank you with all my heart, am everlastingly grateful to you for the opportunity of reading and absorbing all the knowledge that I have never had access to. I do not even have the words with which to thank you — I am so grateful. The wonderful mind-blowing histories you bring to us clears all the cobwebs away. Being female does not help when it comes to telling someone their idea is hogwash. Your books will be a ‘Way of Life” for me for a long while to come…. Your books must be read, read, and re-read over and over again… Again, I am deeply grateful to you. I do hope you get to read my letter. At my age, I feel it is an important letter for you. I wish you all the good things in life, Mr. Bushby. I hope that for as long as you wish, you will get to keep writing these most wondrous and truthful books. The only downside of your books (and) the most profoundly sad thing in this world is the fact that the books will never be allowed on the ””Must Read”” list in schools and universities.

D. M., Austin, Texas USA

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