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Tears in Heaven gives us a very definite “wake up call” showing that things are not right in our law courts, our politics, the banking system, our schools and universities, the medical and pharmaceutical industry and even within our global religions.

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ISBN: 978-0-9804101-0-5
Pages Size: 512 pp 234 x 153 mm
Publisher Joshua Books
Author Ian Ross Vayro
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Tears in Heaven is for those who desire the truth and have retained the potential to search for it. Illuminati conspiracy? New World Order (NWO)? Skull and Bones Society and the Bohemian Club? What is the link between ancient Egypt and the Pharaohs with early Christiality and the Church’s cover-up today?

You have read the fiction (or near fiction) in the likes of “The da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown and “Holy Blood Holy Grail” by Michael Baigent. Now it’s time to get the facts from archeologist and historian Ian Vayro. You won’t be disappointed.

It is all here in a book which is a ‘must read’!

Very few people, Christian and non-Christian, know why they are here on earth or where they are headed. Two thousand years of institutional religion has been less than successful at remedying this situation, simply planting seeds of further uncertainty and confusion.

In the past, the Church has been accepted as the arbitrator and authority on theology and learning but the facade is now falling apart as an absolute multitude of lies and deceptions are continually exposed. Despite a mandate of helping the people of this planet, the cleverly veneered assurance of the Church under a guise of ‘goodness’, have served only to create distrust, disharmony and religious wars. There is a reason that conflict is occurring.

In Tears in Heaven, the historian and archeologist Ian Ross Vayro will take you back thousands of years to ancient Egypt in search of the truth….

  • The Allegoric Composite that became Jesus Christ
  • Joseph of Arimethea and see him finally unmasked
  • The Jews shaky claim to the promised land
  • Infiltration of Darkness in our Religion and Holy Books
  • The truth about 911 and the killing of Princess Diana
  • The Roman Piso, Hoax perpetrated on the world
  • Hiram Abif at the foundation level of the Masonic Craft
  • Prehistoric Egypt at the Cradle of Christianity
  • Evil, Monstrous, Brutal and Non-Christian Popes
  • The amazing secrets of the Qumran Copper Scroll
  • The Wisdom of King David and Solomon
  • The Vatican Scam that still effects us all Today
  • The Queen of Sheba located in Ethiopian Legend
  • The Mystery of the Cartouche of Tutankhamen
  • That Adolf Hitler was certainly an illegitimate Rothschild
  • Inside Skull and Bones and The Bohemian Club
  • The Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the IRS
  • The Illuminati Manipulation of our daily lives
  • Exposing the Leader of the N.W.O. and the Antichrist

Following on from They Lied to Us in Sunday School and God Save Us from Religion, Tears in Heaven is the third book by Ian Ross Vayro and is the culmination of years of investigation and discovery!

After you start just the first chapter, you will find Tears in Heaven is one of those books which you can’t put down and being over 500 pages in size, you won’t get much sleep that night! Just read one of the many testimonials we have received on this book…..

Testimonials & Comments

Hi Joshua Books,

I started reading [“Tears in Heaven”] a week ago. I am fortunate I have read all but the last two of Tony Bushby’s books so in some ways I thought I was mentally prepared for Ian Vayro’s book. I have to say I felt physically sick at some of his revelations …. Sadly most people will not believe it and others will not see it.

When Ian recalled scripture, I thought, “Hey, I don’t remember reading that” so I am acutely aware that we only see what we are told to see. I feel privileged to have been made aware, firstly through Tony Bushby’s books, then David Icke’s, and now Ian Ross Vayro’s that life is not what it seems. The truth does make you free.

I went to ‘church’ from the time I was 15 till 45. My belief that I had been given the ability to attain my potential as a human being by worshiping the true God who for my obedience would grant me eternal life, robbed me developing my higher self and kept me subservient in a lower state where decisions on how I should act and think were already in print. Our choices are limited when you become part of any organization and sadly today we see our choices being eroded by ourselves as we give more power to the lawmakers to make our lives ‘safer and better’.

[The book] was originally [Dad’s] but my curiosity got the better of me. He and I will have many, many hours of discussion about it. Thank you for your association, it has made a huge impact on my thinking and purpose in life.


Heather Steele
Queensland Australia


BOOK REVIEW Tears in Heaven by Ian Ross Vayro
Review by:  Bill Hanson

Very seldom do we see a book of this calibre that so openly presents the facts on such a broad spectrum of subject matter. In addition, it draws the reader out, encouraging them to evaluate and reach conclusions for themselves. This is by far the best work we have seen from author, Ian Ross Vayro and it is actually the best book I have ever read in this genre.

Tears in Heaven gives us a very definite “wake up call” showing that things are not right in our law courts, our politics, the banking system, our schools and universities, the medical and pharmaceutical industry and even within our global religions. The book well substantiates Vayro’s contention that the Abrahamic faiths are the product of manipulative deceptions orchestrated since their formation by a high-level ancient political-religious establishment. These forces function to this day and are the cause of the many challenges and deceptions we face in our daily lives. The book culminates in the total disclosure of the greatest global fraud imaginable and provides what I consider to be irrevocable proof.

Remember, Vayro is qualified to research this material and I am not but his authority and passion certainly seem believable to me. He reveals ruling elite that answer to nobody and perpetrate atrocities against the constituents for reasons of power and profit.

This is certainly controversial material but it is not crackpot conspiracy stuff; the evidence is particularly well researched and comes off the pages in a very compelling way, and is just a bit alarming. As I said, this is a wake up call and things are disclosed here that we are certainly not meant to know about and the disclosures are quite perturbing. At times, certain aspects almost beggar belief. The author is however, meticulous with his references and explanations and is certainly an avid searcher after the truth. The back cover of the book tempts us with the following:

The points [above] are actually an excellent précis of what this book offers; but actually, it delivers much more. If like me, you find these subjects of particular interest, you will be truly astounded with the fresh new material presented here. Ian Ross Vayro has done some serious research and has unearthed a truly amazing volume of evidence and pulled no punches in delivering it concisely and fearlessly with over 700 references allowing the reader to check the validity of his claims.

This book jumps around a bit but then so did “The da Vinci Code” and it was a number one best seller. What at first appear to be unrelated subjects are finally all pulled together in a way that leaves the reader boggled at the inter-relation.

This is a fantastic read if you hold any interest in the early history of the Bible and its patriarchs but be ready for some pretty major surprises. If you simply wonder, why things appear to be a bit screwy in the world today, this book will explain why that is and leave you gasping. The author takes us from ancient Egypt and Babylon to the Roman Empire and to the organized perpetrators who have interfered in the affairs of men, consistently to the detriment of humanity, today.

Tears in Heaven has had a profound effect on me. It solved a lot of riddles but opened a Pandora’s Box that I now can’t ignore. I swear I will never feel the same way about my religion or even my own government.

~ Bill Hanson.

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