Starak, Oldham, Key

Words from each of the authors explain their individuality and passion for Gestalt Therapy. James, Yaro and Tony are all qualified practioners and Yaro Starak is recognised throughout the world for his outstanding workshops and lectures. Yaro has edited and updated this edition of Risking Being Alive.

Gestalt Therapy arose during the fifties and is part of The Human Evolution Movement.Risking Being Alive brings the process of self-mastery within reach of all those who wish to take control of their destiny and live a full and abundant life. The German word “Gestalt” means “form, figure or shape”.

“I work with concrete reality now and trust what I see and feel rather than what I think I see and feel. Poetic abstractions can still trap me, but much less than before.”
—James Oldham
“As I write I ask myself—where am I now? And the answer—I am in process. I will be in process until the end of my days. The difference in my being and living now is that I am able to respond clearly and accurately.”
—Yaro Starak
“My fear was that I would lose some of my clarity and strength; this fear appears to be unfounded, I am much more wiling to trust myself now and I believe there is very little that I could not do if I but chose to.”
—Tony Key

Yaro Starak may be contacted through the publisher, Joshua Books by email. Click here.

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