Rosemond, Susanne

Originally born in Tasmania (Australia), Susanne Rosemond moved to the Gold Coast, Queensland as a child. It was here she completed school and became a Registered Nurse. After some ten years of nursing, craving for something different led her to complete a Bachelor of Business with the aim of setting up her own business.

Through her own challenging health issues, a thirst for natural health grew, and with that grew her next business, a Natural Health Centre. Through a chain of events that affected the land the Centre was based upon, a very hard decision had to be made. The land was no longer conducive for a retreat—housing and developers moved in.

Selling up only one year after the business opened was not expected. Six months later, Susanne was home, a marriage proposal was accepted and the motor home traded in for more space in a 4WD and an off-road caravan. Her new husband, Trevor was now joining the journey. Everything was sold up, her son was enrolled in distance education and they hit the road again, not looking back.

In the next year and a half a wonderful journey unfolded. Exploring all around Australia, with no agenda and no timeframe.

Susanne Rosemond can be contacted through Joshua Books.

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