Paynter, Roxanne

ROXANNE PAYNTER was born and raised in Tasmania Australia and gave birth to her first child in her late twenties. Not knowing from one day to the next if he would survive, she watched her son spend the first few months of his life in intensive care.

During this time, she had the opportunity to discover how difficult life is with a sick child, of any age. Roxanne knew her son would be a little different, and she thought about how she could make him feel good about himself, as he grew older. She analysed the things that would be most important to teach him and she discovered these things to be love, self-esteem and a connection to spirit or purpose in life.
She then searched for a tool that would help her pass these things on and found nothing. She realised that meditation was the simplest, most effective way to do this for many reasons. Not only does the child benefit from relaxation, and stimulating their imagination, but also they are empowered to draw on their own abilities. They learn that they are important and that they have purpose.

Currently living in Queensland, Australia with her husband and two children, Roxanne continues to write for children, focusing on their sense of spirit and helping them address the issues that confront them.

Roxanne may be contacted through the publisher, Joshua Books.