Edwards-Ticehurst, Kerrie

KERRIE EDWARDS-TICEHURST was born in Sydney, Australia and was aware from an early age that she is clairvoyant. Moving from a background in sales and marketing, Kerrie now works full time helping others to realise their dreams and find happiness in their lives.
She is a student of metaphysical philosophy and hypnosis and her qualifications are used effectively in her private consultancy work through her company Creative Dynamics that she runs with her husband.
Kerrie has brilliant communication skills and is in demand all over the world for presentations, workshops, and readings. She appears regularly on radio and TV and is a regular at Mind, Body & Spirit festivals in London and Australia where her lectures and workshops are sold out in advance.
To date, she has written two books, produced three CDs and audiotapes and also has an exclusive range of inspirational and guidance cards based on the Angels and Guides theme. Kerrie authors numerous articles and columns and is currently working on two new books.
She is a mother with two children and lives with her husband in the hinterland of the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.
Kerrie may be contacted through the publisher, Joshua Books.