Crawford, Ian

Ian Crawford, Dip.F.S. and Shirley Bates, Dip.F.S., the directors of Universal Shares, created their company for private investors who not only require research material and/or education, but need a proven and defined strategy to build the confidence to successfully take control of their finances and make better financial decisions.

Ian and Shirley had been trading for quite some time when they met, and both were experiencing “hit and miss” results with their trading systems.

Ian was mainly focused on fundamental analysis and long term growth, while Shirley concentrated on technical analysis. After discussing who was right or wrong, they came to the conclusion that both were right if the respective information was correlated in the correct order.

Through working as a team and developing a proven strategy for success, they have now created the perfect investment vehicle for their book Creating Wealth Through Trading.

Ian Crawford and Shirley Bates can be contacted through their publisher Joshua Books.

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