Clune (Ishmael), Patricia

Spiritualist Ishmael (Patricia Clune) cannot really remember a time when the angels or Ascended Masters did not visit and communicate. To her they are simply “lifelong friends”

Patricia’s early education was in the strict religious atmosphere of Christianity, but she also attended many churches and meetings of other denominations and religions, adding colour and variety to her formative years. Now she considers herself to be a “spiritualist”.

With a working background in counselling, (Family Law and Family Support Services), Patricia decided that she needed to work more with the spiritual aspects. Establishing Pyrite Pyramid in 1991 and Circle of Golden Concepts in 2006, her aim was to empower and offer choice to others to enable them to feel in control of their lives. She works mainly throughout the mid north coast region of New South Wales, Australia, including the Port Macquarie, Taree, Wauchope, Kendall and Comboyne districts.

In more recent years, Patricia has adopted the spiritual name of Ishmael (wings of light), in order to further her pathway of channelling directly from the Ascended Realms; and now offers readings to individuals on a regular basis. During the last 18 months, Sanat Kumara, the Lord Buddha presented in order to make clear the type of energy with which we can expect to be dealing.

Patricia works with individuals and groups. Her love and true desire is to encourage everyone to reach their full potential, stepping forward to embrace their contracts.

Ishmael may be contacted through the publisher, Joshua Books.

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