About Us

About Us


Joshua Books is a fast-growing independent publishing group based in Australia and we have a professional team of editors, cover designers, typesetters, formatters and reviewers working with us.

Although we are a Sunshine Coast publisher, in Queensland Australia, we invite writers from all over the world to contact us through our website with queries about any aspect of book publishing and production. We offer an excellent service to our authors and all those who choose to buy our books. That is our commitment to you.

Our management team has been in place since day one and is committed to continuance of the production of quality books and allied products that will entertain and inform.

Joshua Books ensures that its production is of the highest standard. We will help you choose the correct paper, the size and the format for your product and we are able to offer valuable advice to you, often at no cost.


Joshua Books is an Australian company that started business in 1990. Since then, we have produced many thousands of books and sound products in all categories of literature, with the focus being on products that spread knowledge and enhance life’s values.

We are based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia and our company has grown to have an international presence. Our focus has always been on quality in terms of design, format, production and distribution. An excellent editing and design team, along with a network of specialty book printers and distributors, support this.

As well as print products, we also produce audio and visual products for our clients and are gaining a presence in e-book design and production.

We are also prominent in design and print services of a general nature for large and small corporate and individual clients both in Australia and New Zealand. Letterheads, corporate logos, general stationery items and brochures, mono and full colour, are just some of the items that we produce.


Our aim is to advance human knowledge and understanding by providing access to high quality information and enlightening literature, rich in viewpoint and reflecting the multicultural character of the world so as to help us find answers, look beyond and tap into our unlimited potential