At Joshua Books, we can take your book from raw manuscript to bookshelf and we are able to offer a complete service to ensure that your book is of the highest standard and competitive in the marketplace.

We can print and ship from many parts of the world and we have distribution and sales partners in many countries. Joshua Books are constantly sourcing new worldwide contacts in order to maintain our position as one of the leading independent publishing houses.

We publish across all genres and are known for the quality and variety of our publications be they mono or full colour, embellished or laminated. We are skilled in font selection and design and structuring. Our services are complete and professional with our CEO John Bannister personally staying involved along the way. Our team is simply among the best there is.

Previously, we have invited submissions from all over the world, however, we feel that authors need to work with a publisher in their own country in order to get the best result. Costs associated with working internationally on such projects can be prohibitive and we are concerned about maintaining a high standard for the finished product. Because we work in such a personal way with our authors, our communication level is high at all stages of edit, format and production.

Full assessment and editorial services are available through Joshua Books.

We require hard copy of all submissions in order to mark up and assess the value of the manuscript.  As we only accept manuscripts with prior arrangement, we ask that you contact us by email, telephone or snail mail to receive an invitation to submit your manuscript.  If you wish to have your copy returned to you, please provide paid return postage envelope at the time.

You will find that we operate in a personal way and during all the stages of the publishing process, we will constantly consult with you.  It is our role to advise and guide you through the whole process.

As well as offering a full publishing service, we also have a manuscript assessment service and editorial assessment service. This service gives an author the opportunity to have their manuscript assessed by one of our experienced editors and a written report will be issued. The report will cover such aspects as grammar, punctuation and structure of the story as well as up to 20 pages of marked up hard copy.

Often we will suggest that an author consider this assessment (stand-alone service) as the first step in the publishing process.

Of course, full confidentiality is assured at every stage of the procedure.

In some cases, Joshua Books will choose to publish your book for you and offer you a contract.  If this is the case, your book is financed by our group after the initial stages of editing and formatting (this is generally the author’s responsibility) and you are paid a royalty.

On occasion upon assessing a manuscript, Joshua Books will undertake all the costs associated with publishing.

Many authors choose to self-publish through our group because of our professional services.

A distribution service can be offered to those who self-publish with us (a self-publishing contract is available) and generally, we will apply our brand name to further enhance your publication. We do not offer a distribution service for titles produced outside of our resources.

In view of our special skills, some authors choose simply for us to produce and print their book for them and we can do that as well.

We also offer manuscript assessment, editorial assessment, editing, structural editing and formatting as stand-alone services if required.

Joshua Books also produce CDs and we invite submissions to produce your product.  We also produce e-Books and Short Run Books and these facets of our services are growing rapidly as technology standards improve to an acceptable level. We demand high standards from our authors and business partners and if you feel you have a product of that standard, please contact us for a quotation.

Quoting for all services available through our group are obligation-free; however, we require certain information before providing the quotation.  Please feel free to contact us by email, in writing or by phone and we will be pleased to run through these guidelines with you.

Joshua Books is based in on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia and our preference is on Australian and New Zealand authors. So what are you waiting for?  If you have a work which you consider is worthy of being published, then start talking to Joshua Books.  We are at your service every step of the way.

Please contact us directly before submitting a manuscript. Mark all correspondence "Submissions" and supply a pre-paid envelope if you wish your manuscript returned.

Our mailing address is -

Joshua Books,
P.O. Box 1668,
Queensland 4575 Australia

Within Australia, you may telephone us on
Tel: (07) 5493 1700
Fax: (07) 5493 1900

Outside Australia, you may telephone us on
Tel: +61 7 5493 1700
Fax: +61 7 5493 1900

To email John Bannister, click here.

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