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DONNA FISHER loves a challenge and her very first one came early. At the tender age of four, like millions of children worldwide, she started school. Having stuttered on every letter since she first spoke, reading in class was torture. Stuttering can become so serious that it makes a vocational failure of even a talented person, but not in Donna’s case. She overcame her disordered speech after years of effort and today her stutter is mild and infrequent. She asserts, with great determination, that she will gain complete fluency.fisher_donna01

After leaving school, Donna involved herself in many worthy causes and successful commercial enterprises, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy her drive, energy and restlessness. After studying transpersonal psychology, she attended an intensive workshop on leadership and went on to complete a thesis with special emphasis on the positive role of women in co-creating a better world.

In 1999, the first letter from the electric utility company arrived, alerting her to the issue of the invisible fields from electricity being a concern. Donna’s increasing comprehension of owning her own mind combined easily with her patient nature, leading her to study the attributes of the “Warrior Path” and the ways in which change can come through peaceful means. She volunteered shortly after that to work for eighteen months for a non-profit association dealing with child abuse.

When Donna took on the case against the power company, she had long learned that the way forward for all of personkind is through sharing reality in a co-creative way, and the way forward for her personally was by intervening with positive action on issues that were particularly important to her. She believes that by claiming and owning one’s mind, members of humanity can live intelligently through the heart; while a little knowledge can be dangerous, too much knowledge takes away the heart sense.

Born in Australia, Donna has an international following and is also involved in promoting her books and, with the help of a dedicated team, chairs Donna Fisher Silent Fields Inc, through which she offers practical solutions for ‘cleaning’ electricity. While there is a touch of the crusader in Donna, this energetic person does not invade your privacy but encourages you, albeit with great passion, to protect yourself and your family against the dirty electricity plague.

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