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The Crucifixion of Truth
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The Crucifixion of Truth

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The Bible Fraud


The recent publication of ancient scriptures revealed incontrovertible evidence of an intrinsic system of priestly fraudulence operation within Christianity. These writings exposed a church in which false pretences are the basis of its existence and forged texts form the essence of its history and preaching.

“I can give The Crucifixion of Truth to ex-Christians like myself, but cannot seem to bring myself to give a copy to my Christian friends and family members, because it would utterly shatter their whole world.”—Acharya Dan Konnor, MBA, Associate Priest, Washington Kali Temple Shiva Durga Shakti Mandir, Burtonsville, Maryland, United States

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Using the scroll discovery, papal statements and the evidence of history as the basis of his assertions, Tony Bushby takes his readers into the shadowy world of ecclesiastical dishonesty where for centuries, an unprincipled church plotted and schemed its stratagem to penetrate and maintain a false faith and exploit a gullible public.

Now, new evidence from church archives reveals Christianity’s darkest secret… and the conclusion is staggering.

The source of knowledge revealed is backed up by the author as in his previous books and is there for all to research and verify.



In The Crucifixion of Truth, the chapters include:

Chapter 1
The discovery of hidden church scrolls
What the two important scrolls are
Gospel of John unauthentic
Origin of the Book of Revelation
Plagiarism in the New Testament

Chapter 2
Who were the early church fathers
Many gods and goddesses
The nature of the early churchmen
Creating self-importance
Dishonesty in the early church

Chapter 3
Duped by charlatans

Chapter 4
Gods and the church councils
New research material
King Constantine’s bloodline
Reasons for the first religious ‘destitute of foundation’
The two gods of Christianity
Selecting a god
The earliest New testament
The untitled manuscript
The British ‘Roman church’
Church council meetings commence

Chapter 5
The essence of the Christian texts
Gospel authors imposters
Slain saviour-gods
Uncovering the ‘Christian’ cover-up
What did the priest find?
Suppression of the Book of Enoch
The ‘Secret Sermon on the Mountain’

Chapter 6
What virgin?
False verses in Matthew’s Gospel
Earlier virgin births
How Mary became ‘Mother of God’
Suppression of the Black Madonnas

Chapter 7
An ancient document feared by the church

Chapter 8
A glaring omission in the world’s oldest Bible
Disturbing elements at work
The other version of ‘raising of Lazarus’

Chapter 9
Gods on crosses
The dream that passed for history
A statement of truth
Ancient parallels

Chapter 10
Priestly fakeries
Ancient fakes still credited

Chapter 11
Messianic ‘prophesies’ false
The cancelled ‘second coming’
Origin of the concept of ‘messianic prophesy’

Chapter 12
Miracles ‘simply silly stories’
The day the Zombies marched to town
Stilling the tempest
Flying with the Devil
New Testament ‘contains fictions’
Fooling the people
Holy fools

Chapter 13
Cardial Mohammed

Chapter 14
Why the church banned the Bible
Gospels written by ‘idiots’
Enforcing belief
Certifying forged documents

Chapter 15
Papal forgeries
The Pope Sylvester forgeries
The ‘fiery cross’ in heaven
The ‘False Decretals’
The full fruition of forgery
Fake Apostolic Letters and Creeds
Forging historical records

Chapter 16
Empty pretence… Trinity
A forgery within a forgery

Chapter 17
New testament anomalies
Late appearance of the Gospels
Gospels withheld
Removal of reincarnation verses from Gospels
Mythical predecessors
Liber Pontificalis
Peter and false papal information
Words falsely attributed to Jesus
The false nature attributed to Jesus
The false nature of the Acts of the Apostles
Interpolations in the Pauline Epistles
The face-saving procedure
Lost books of the Bible

Chapter 18
The church censors
Christian history not honestly reported

Chapter 19
Apologetics and martyrs

Chapter 20
Unknown cities
City of Jerusalem not yet built
Transfiguration a problem
City of Nazareth unknown
Non-existence of Nazareth… another possibility

Chapter 21
False sanctity
Rite of passage
Depravity of churchmen
1500 prostitutes hired for church council
The Pope who disbelieved Christianity
The church’s lowest ebb
The benefit of clergy
Mimicking holiness
The Fatima secret

Chapter 22
The development of enforcement of belief
Throat-cutting in church
Burning opponents
Ecclesiastical murder
The Pope’s waterloo
Shrieks of the innocent dying
‘Forgive us our sins’ (Pope John Paul II)

Chapter 23
The forerunner writing of the Gospel of John
The forerunner writing of the Book of revelation

Product Testimonials

“No greater embarrassment could fall upon the Christian Church.”

—Rev Kenneth O’Reilly, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Sydney Australia


“A knock-out blow for Christian Fundamentalism.”

—Michelle Daniels, Independent


“A mesmerizing account of deceit and dishonesty that is impossible for the church to deny”

—John Telfer, Director, Stanford Books


“A stunning revelation that leaves the Gospel stories in tatters.”

—Stephanie Renshaw, Greenlane Book Reviews



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