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Dove Rose and Sceptre
In Maree Moore’s second book, The Dove, the Rose & the Sceptre, you will journey through Ireland, the Rosslyn Freemasonic Chapel of the Knights Templar in Scotland, and St Columba’s island of Iona in order to find the answers to exciting, previously unsol 
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Glimpses of Life Beyond Death

With an entrepreneurial background, Tony Bushby established a magazine publishing business and spent twenty years researching, writing 
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God Save us from Religion
In God Save Us From Religion, Archaeologist and Ancient Historian Ian Ross Vayro walks us through various versions of the Bible, Sumerian tablets and early Egyptian papyrus records in a vigilant search for truth. 
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Jesus and the Tooth Fairy
This is an opportunity to seriously question traditionally held belief systems, while offering a refreshing and viable alternative. 
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Strange & Mysterious Anomalies
Some of the chapters in Strange & Mysterious Anomalies, Ian Ross Vayro's 4th book, involve Ian's personal experiences, some have explana¬tions, some do not, but all are there to bemuse and fascinate the reader. Let these selected stories take you on a jou 
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Tears in Heaven
Tears in Heaven gives us a very definite "wake up call" showing that things are not right in our law courts, our politics, the banking system, our schools and universities, the medical and pharmaceutical industry and even within our global religions. 
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The Crucifixion of Truth
With the recent publication of ancient scriptures revealing incontrovertible evidence of forged texts forming the essence of church history, Tony Bushby tak 
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The Papal Billions
"The Papal Billions" gives a candid account of centuries of priesthood schemes that turned St. Peter's pence into St. Peter's billions! This book reveals damning facts about the Vatican's accumulation of wealth and it makes compelling reading! 
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The Secret in the Bible
Ancient Egyptian priests recorded that "gods of the first time" revealed to them the nature of the afterlife and the keys of mastering death. They guarded this with utmost secrecy revealing it to only to selected members of the Mystery Schools. In later t 
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They Lied to us in Sunday School
They Lied to us in Sunday School written by Ian Ross Vayro, an archaeologist and historian, challenges the reader to question the validity of biblical interpretation and adds factuality to the topical subject matter of books like "The Da Vinci Code". 
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Wealth Creation
Positive Thinking
A Time in the Life of a Leaf
A Time in the Life of a Leaf
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Two Miracles
Two Miracles
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